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Possible biomarkers of OSA prediction and efficacy
Jun 12, 2015

“OSA is associated with impaired glucose tolerance as a result of modifications of factors involved in glucose homeostasis or dysregulation of glucose homeostasis due to chronic sleep deprivation” is the hypothesis presented by Dr. Edith Mensah-Osman, MD, PhD, MBA, of EENA Comprehensive Neurology and Sleep Center in Boynton Beach, FL.
The recent study tries to figure out the biomarkers link to the severity of OSA and the effect of CPAP on these variables.
  • A high AHI is associated with a high blood pressure and BMI .
  • The relationship between neck circumference and blood pressures is less correlative variation in patients with primary diagnosis of OSA. 
  • The level of some biomarkers, such as DHEA, afternoon cortisol, and 17-OH progesterone, in saliva were significantly lower in OSA patients 
Dr. Mensah-Osman conclude that “The regulation of gluconeogenesis may be involved in the pathophysiology of OSA.”