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Man Awarded USD883,000 for Pressure Ulcer at the Hospital
Mar 06, 2015
A 65-year-old person did a pancreatic cyst surgery at St. Anthony's Medical Center in St. Louis County.
But, he developed a pressure ulcer which reached to the bone after the surgery.
He spent $33,000 in the additional medical bills to manage the pressure ulcer.
The hospital's chief nursing officer, Beverly Bokovitz, says deeply sorry to the patient. 
Then, the judge awarded the man nearly USD900,000.

Place the individual on a pressure-redistributing mattress (support surfaces) both prior to and after surgery. 
Pressure redistributing mattress (support surfaces) are designed to either increase the body surface area that comes in contact with the mattress ( to reduce interface pressure) or to sequentially alter the parts of the body that bear load, thus reducing the duration of loading at any given anatomical site.