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Using NPWT Can Decrease the Risk of Infection and Amputation
Apr 07, 2015
Recently, the development of negative-pressure wound therapy (NPWT) has altered the treatment of open tibial fractures.
NPWT is thought to result in reduced flap infection and failure. 
NPWT may help to reduce the flap size and need for a flap transfer for type IIIB open tibial fractures.
However, prolonged periods of NPWT usage, greater than 7 days, should be avoided to reduce higher infection and amputation risks.
Reference: Hou, Z., Irgit, K., Strohecker, K. A., Matzko, M. E., Wingert, N. C., DeSantis, J. G., & Smith, W. R. (2011). Delayed flap reconstruction with vacuum-assisted closure management of the open IIIB tibial fracture. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 71(6), 1705-1708.