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Provide Pressure Redistribution Support Surfaces Appropriate to the Bariatric/Heavy Patients
May 25, 2015
Clinical outcomes and  bariatric patient(up to 270 kgs) comfort and safety are improved through prevention features, pressure ulcer management technologies, and patient repositioning control. Consider selecting a support surface with enhanced pressure redistribution, shear reduction and microclimate control for bariatric individuals. Check routinely for 'bottoming out' of the support surface.
Pro-care Bariatric comes with two different width of mattress- 42” and 48”, both with the maximum weight capacity of 450 kg. With the rectangular design cells, the system also provides optimal pressure relief and comfort due to its capability to widely dispersing pressure exerted at single points of contact. The digital panel setting with weight guidance, adjustable cycle time and optional modes including Alternate, Static, Max Firm, and Seat Inflate are also available to meet the treatment needs for each individual. Again, antimicrobial filter and stretch cover are also available which allow the large-size patients to receive the same high quality of care and comforts.