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A Positive Effect on the Wounds Healing in Patients with Diabetes
Jul 15, 2015
Eight million Americans suffer from a chronic wound annually, and 15 percent of diabetics will have a non-healing wound sometime during their lifetime. Without proper treatment these non-healing open ulcers can be so severe they lead to amputations. So, it is not an issue that should be taken lightly. It is hard to believe that 60,000 people with diabetes will have some type of amputation. 
The results presented that use of NPWT system can be expected to have a positive effect on the healing of foot ulcers and post-amputation wounds in patients with diabetes (YWeaileans, 2010).
YWeaileans, R. G. N. Clinical experience of a new NPWT system in diabetic foot ulcers and post-amputation wounds. Journal of wound care.2010; 19(11).