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Brand Vision
The corporate motto of APEX is “Do the right thing the first time.” In order to provide a better medical environment to medical personnel, care-givers and care-receivers, APEX continually offers comprehensive products through clinical research and its advanced medical engineering technologies so as to make “Care for a Healthy Life” and “Smiling Healthy Life” a reality.
Brand Mission & Brand Value
With “Honesty, Professional, and innovation,” APEX continuously explores and expands the depth and breadth of healthcare products. As a result, APEX has created more than 100 product trademarks and patents worldwide and 190 international medical accreditations. For APEX, only “belief” - true care - and “devotion” for after-sales service can bring “health” to homecare receivers. After all, “Care for a Healthy Life” is the brand mission of APEX.
Respect for user commitments and genuine operational benefits
Production of accredited products, which have passed the scrutiny of professional regulatory bodies for competence and quality
Creation of products with added value surpassing customer design expectations and engineering expertise
Branding Strategy
Being customer focused and putting service first, APEX continuously develops its “Full Line Products, Quick Response, and Branding Management” strategies in Taiwan, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and China. Through four simple and recognized characteristics: product, communication, channel and customer service, APEX is able to provide immediate response (zero-lag) and immediate delivery (zero-distance) services to its customers and thereby see more smiling faces.
Full Line Of Products
APEX provides comprehensive solutions, with specific product portfolios in wound management and respiratory therapies. 
Quick Response
Expand global operations with direct product distribution to neighboring countries or regions through worldwide locations, in order to quickly meet the manufacturing and order demand of its customers by shortening transportation time and thereby enhance market competitiveness.
Branding Management
Enforce the best practice for doing the right thing the first time and to reproduce the successful experience worldwide through localization, in order to accumulate brand value.
Quality Commitment
Attractive Products at Value Price | Elaborate Collaboration | Uncompromising Quality Control
With the best R&D and manufacturing team, APEX has planned and designed a manufacturing process through systematic applications to closely control every procedure for manufacturing healthcare products, meeting international standards and quality procedures, so that homecare givers can always feel safe to use APEX products and smile at their work.

The Three-Step Quality Control Procedure
Before manufacture: Flexible production line planning for quick response to the needs of the target markets
During manufacture: Systematic Application of the workforce for the manufacturing process to ensure absolute QMS control
After manufacture: Measuring and monitoring, analysis and improvement, customer satisfaction and real-time post-delivery service